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Saturday, 6 February 2016

What are the advantages of tourism?

Things has drastically changed over the years and people now-a-days invest more on aspects such as traveling and this is a reason that tourism of every country is a big industry all together. These days’ things such as internet have made everything very easy and the tourism has been benefited by it. 

The boost to tourism industry with online agencies:

Planning for a holiday is an easy task these days one doesn’t need to get books and pamphlets and go to the agency and meet them to book holidays. All they need to do is cater online and there are various agencies that are available which are there for all kinds of help. The online travel agency is the best help with which one can get their vacations decided. As a customer all you need to do is select the place you want to visit and then choose an agency that is available in the internet. Because it is very easy to get hold of the company that is online the tourism of any place gets a boost as people tend to prefer travelling as it comes without any kinds of hassle.

The various benefits attached with the agencies available on the internet:

Choosing an online travel agency makes it easy on the part of the individual to get make the whole plan without any tensions. An individual doesn’t needs to go all the way to the office of the agency to get their holiday plan ready. The agencies have their websites set up in the internet where all the information is set up for the customers to have a look and decide accordingly. Just sitting back home one can make it a point to decide on the holiday based on their respective budget. It is easier and time saving at the same time. You can decide on the itinerary just sitting in the comfort of your home. It will be easier on your part to understand the whole tour and have a look at the itinerary. Also you can discuss with the agencies about various things from the home itself. 

Thanks to the available of the agency online one can easily think of visiting any place at any time because it has become easy. Previously, just the thought of going to the agency personally would make one to go all by them and incur double to that of the cost they have decided on the holiday. But now due to the availability of such agencies online one can concentrate more on the holiday with them and save so much time and money by just doing all the research online and choosing a package that suits their budget. 

But choosing the agency is a very important task at hand and deciding on which company is the best is a very important thing to do. You can make it a point to see all the reviews of the previous customers and based on them choose the agency accordingly.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

How to reach Charkhole – The ultimate tourist destination

In the Darjeeling district, Charkhole is one of the latest tourist destinations.  This latest edition or tourist destination is situated in the Kalimpong sub-division which is 26 km away from Kalimpong. And from Lolegaon, it is 15km away. If you will visit this place, then you can able to view 360 degree of Mt. Kanchenjunga from the top of Charkhole hill. If you love to do short trekking or excursion, then Charkhole is the best place for you. There are some places, which offers a few short trek and there are some excursion points also.
Charkhole offers enigmatic warmness with honest hospitality; it includes deep moist forest of huge Cypress, Pine, Shal, Rhododendron and Oaks etc. It’s a best place for bird watchers.  The place offers infinite relaxation during your tour. And due to its stunning natural beauty and complete relaxation process make this tourist spot popular for honeymoon couples.  It has highest motor rally point in the entire hilly region. And this place already won several awards including “Most promising offbeat destination” award.
Near Neora valley forest, Charkhole is a small village. It is situated 26km away from Kalimpong.

Place from
Distance (KM)
Approx Road Journey Time
(In Hrs)
5 hrs
4.5 hours

1.5 hrs

2 hrs
1.5 hrs

By Air: The nearest Airport in this area is Bagdogra. And from Bagdogra, it will take 5.5 hours to reach Charkhole. 

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By Rail: If you wish, you can reach NJP (New Jalpaiguri Railway Station) by train. And from NJP, it will take 5 hours (approx) to reach charkhole.
By Road: And if you wish, you can reach the destination by car. From Siliguri there are different types of car, bus or vans available for Charkhole. 
Town near Charkhole:  From lava, it is 27km away and from Lolegaon it is 15 km away.  So, if you are planning to visit Lava and Lolegaon, then must visit Charkhole. 
In the Charkhole, there are very less resorts and cottages available. You can see the best Mountain View from your resort.  All rooms are provided with western-type toilet, geyser, floor carpets. If you wish, you can park your car here safely. To know more details about the resort room and food, you can contact us directly.
You can also get other services like Bonfire, Camping, Camp fire, Trekking etc. 
Charkhole is the small village on the top of the Himalaya. The natural beauty of this place is outstanding. If you wish, from Charkhole, you can visit Lolegaon, Lava, Rishop and Kolakham areas. It will take one day to visit these entire places.

Lava – You can trek very easily to reach the Lava. It is 4km away from Neora Valley forest.  In the lava, there is a monastery which is the biggest monastery in the region. There are some shops also available in the lava where you can get some handcrafted products.

Lolegaon – Lolegaon is also known as Kaffer because it’s a based on lapcha. And from this place, you can view of Himalayan snow ranges over the complete horizon.  You can watch from here snow peaks from Jhandidara and you can also view hanging foot bridge over the Canopy of huge trees.  Each and every tourist must watch this Canopy walk because it is only situated in the Sikkim and Darjeeling Himalayan region.

Changi Falls 
From Charkhole, you can take a jeep and it is situated 3km away from this location. In the deep forest, you can watch this beautiful changi falls. By jeep, you can reach the place and from there you have to walk down to around 250 stairs. With deep forest and different birds sound make your journey most memorable.

So, pack your bag and start your journey now!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to generate online leads more?

If you are a new business owner or a reputed business owner who want to generate more sales leads, then you should read this article completely. Presently, there are several online companies who offer different kinds of “lead generate” software or packages. But most of the business owners spending lots of money, but they did not get results that they want. Then, what will be the best way to generate leads.
If you want to generate more leads, then you need to promote and advertise your website or business first. People should know about your product or services online. The more you advertise the more people aware about your business. And, once your business becomes popular online, it will generate leads organically. You don’t need to invest huge money to generate leads only.

It’s always better to use organic way or proper SEO method, to increase sales leads, customers, Google rank, etc. But always remember, you can’t get leads within 1 week or 1 month. To generate leads, you need to familiar your business in the online. Once people aware about your business/product/services, they will automatically show interest in your products/services. Basically, 2-3 months require promoting and advertising your product online and also require doing SEO Techniques.
There are several on pages and off page SEO techniques available through which we will make your website user friendly and promote and advertise your product online and assist to generate leads.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

How to remove tension from our life

Presently, most of the people are busy with their work and they don’t have much time for relaxation. We have to go to office daily and after that maintain our home. Due to the tough competition, there is no time for your own. Constant hard work, stress, different kinds of family and personal problem may create tension in your life. And it’s a very dangerous disease currently.

You can’t sleep well, cant thing smoothly and even can’t talk properly if you are worried or tense. So, it’s very essential to remove your stress or worried from your mind. As we all know, once you live, you have to face lots of problems. You can’t avoid problems or tension but there is some ways through which you can make your mind calm and cool.

In this post, I am going to give you some tips through which you may feel relax or it may help you to learn “how to decrease tension from your life”.

Listen to music

It’s a best way to relax. If you are feeling tense or worried for any situation, you can take some break (like 30 minutes or 1 hour) and listen the music you love the most. It’s better to play clam or peaceful music during these situations. It has a positive effect on the body and brain. It will help to reduce blood pressure and make you feel happy. When you will listen the music always thing the happy moment you spent with your dear one. It will instantly make you feel better.


Meditation is another way to feel relax. If you will do it daily few minutes, it will make you feel relax and happy. Daily meditation makes your brain more active and it will increase inner strength.  You can search the internet to get the more idea about the meditation.

Call a friend

If you really don’t know how to remove tension, then this is the best way. If you are worried or tense for any reason and don’t feel good at all, then call your best friend now. After talking with your friend I am sure you will feel better. While call, don’t talk about the problems but share the moments you enjoyed previously with him/her. All these discussion help you to forget the present problem and for sometimes your mind become happy and you will feel tension free. It’s work especially with teenagers, students, young generations etc.

Make time for yourself

Occasionally calling a friend is not a choice. If this is the case, talking peacefully to you can be the next better thing.  You are one of the best friends of yours. Don’t think about seeming crazy—just explain yourself why you're worried, what you have to do to fulfill the duty at hand, and most prominently, that everything will be ok.

Eat proper food

A proper diets and stress level are closely related. If you eat junk food daily then it will create bad effects on your body.  Try to avoid those foods. Vegetables and fruits are always superior for your body. And if you eat daily egg or fish, then it’s creating good impact on your body. A fish includes omega-3 fatty acids and it shown to decrease the symptoms of tension.  And tuna sandwich is really good for brain. Try to eat more green vegetables rather junk food to feel relax and tension free.